澳交响金:Victoria K《Essentia》2020/FLAC/BD

墨尔本的交响金属歌手/作曲家Victoria K在2016年发行了首张单曲“ Monster”,其中包括Brett Garsed的吉他作品。 “ Monster”带来了全国和英国的广播剧,并为Victoria K赢得了2016年澳大利亚独立音乐奖入围前5名的位置,并在澳大利亚歌曲创作协会比赛中获得第二名。同年,维多利亚前往欧洲与世界著名的声乐教练特里·西加诺斯(Terry Siganos)合作。 Victoria K目前正在工作室中运用她所学的技能,并为即将发行的首张专辑制作。

2019年5月5日,Victoria K发行了她的新单曲“ Lacuna”,由澳大利亚华纳音乐集团(Australia)在澳大利亚和新西兰发行,这是目前首张专辑中的首张发行。

2019年5月18日,Victoria K在他们的墨尔本表演中为瑞士民间金属巨人Eluveitie提供了主要支持,并制作了一场表演,吸引了观众大呼过瘾。

Victoria K的首张专辑定于2020年发行,艺术家包括Michalina Malisz(Eluveitie)。

单曲“ Lacuna”是Victoria K于2019年的第一个个人发行版本,目的是在我们内部寻求和谐。 Lacuna是拉丁语,意为“缺少页面”或“缺少曲目”,这首歌包含了寻找我们所有人内心深处都想念的一件事时涉及的感受和想法。

该视频由加里·罗伯森(Gary Robertson)(贾拉电影公司(Jarrah Film))制作和导演,使单身生活栩栩如生,并描绘了维多利亚·克(Victoria K)寻求她的目的。一个幽灵般的人物代表着丢失的那一块,并引导Victoria K寻找某物。这个数字最终被揭露是维多利亚·K本人,暗示着真正的搜索就在里面。在拉古纳(Lacuna)艺术品和视频中看到的蝴蝶代表了人类的灵魂,并在搜寻过程中作为指引灯塔。

这位年轻才华的词曲创作和创作影响包括《消失》,《内心诱惑》,Nightwish和Kamelot,以及《欧洲金属》现场的其他最新乐队,她的音乐被比喻为这些影响的融合。维多利亚·K(Victoria K)凭借自己的原创作品,精选视频以及众多有才华的音乐家(包括大量歌曲)在YouTube上获得了数十万的观看次数。 Victoria K的封面包括Iron Maiden的“ The Trooper”,Nightwish的“ The Last Ride of Day”,Metallica的“ Nothing Else Matters”和Kamelot的“ Insomnia”,后者在Twitter上引起了乐队的关注,并导致了当美国金属乐队在2018年的“影子理论”澳大利亚巡回演出中发现自己时,才华横溢。

Melbourne’s Symphonic Metal singer/songwriter Victoria K made her mark on the rock and metal scene with the release of the debut single “Monster” in 2016, featuring guitar work by Brett Garsed. “Monster” brought with it radio play nationwide and in the UK and earned Victoria K a space among the Top 5 Finalists for the 2016 Australian Independent Music Awards and second place in the Australian Songwriting Association competition. In the same year, Victoria travelled to Europe to work with world renowned vocal coach Terry Siganos. Victoria K is currently putting her learned skills into action in the studio with production for the upcoming debut album.

On the 5th of May, 2019, Victoria K released her brand new single “Lacuna” distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Warner Music Group (Australia), which is the first offering from a debut album currently in the works.

On the 18th of May, 2019, Victoria K played the main support for Swiss Folk Metal giants Eluveitie at their Melbourne show, and produced a performance that had the crowd chanting for an encore.

Victoria K’s debut album is due for release in 2020 and features artists including Michalina Malisz (Eluveitie).

The single “Lacuna” is Victoria K’s first solo release of 2019 and is about the search for harmony within ourselves. Lacuna is a Latin word which means ‘missing page’ or ‘missing piece’ and the song encapsulates the feelings and thoughts involved in the search for the one thing we all feel deep down is missing from ourselves.

The video, produced and directed by Gary Robertson (Jarrah Film), brings the single to life and depicts Victoria K searching for her purpose. A ghostly figure represents the missing piece and guides Victoria K in search of something. The figure is finally revealed to be Victoria K herself, suggesting that the real search is within. The butterfly seen in the Lacuna artwork and in the video represents the human soul and follows the search as a guiding beacon.

This young talent’s songwriting and compositional influences include Evanescence, Within Temptation, Nightwish and Kamelot amongst other current bands in the European Metal scene and her music has been likened to be a blend of these influences. Victoria K has racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube with her own original creations and through featured videos alongside a number of talented musicians covering a plethora of songs. Victoria K’s covers include Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper”, Nightwish’s “Last Ride of the Day”, Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” and Kamelot’s “Insomnia”, the latter of which received attention from the band themselves on Twitter and led to a meeting of talents when the American power metal band found themselves in Melbourne on their 2018 ‘The Shadow Theory’ Australian tour.

2020 – Essentia


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