Maggie Lindemann《PARANOIA》2021/FLAC/BD

玛格丽特·伊丽莎白·“玛姬”·林德曼(生于1998年7月21日)是美国歌手兼作词人。她以2016年的突破单曲“ Pretty Girl”而闻名,在瑞典排名第4,在爱尔兰排名第6,在英国和荷兰排名第8。


玛格丽特·伊丽莎白·林德曼(Margaret Elizabeth Lindemann)于1998年7月21日出生在得克萨斯州达拉斯的一个德国苏格兰家庭中。她开始在社交媒体应用程序Keek上发布自己演唱的录音,并在该应用程序和其他社交媒体帐户上获得关注。她的经纪人Gerald Tennison在Instagram页面上发现了她唱歌的视频之后,她的音乐事业开始了。然后,她搬到洛杉矶追求音乐。


Lindemann的首张单曲“ Knocking On Your Heart”于2015年9月发行。这首歌在发行后的24小时内赢得了iTunes Alternative Chart的前20名。她的第二张单曲“ Couple Of Kids”于2015年10月30日发行。2016年1月29日,她的第三张单曲“ Things”发行,在发行后的一天之内,她又一次成功获得iTunes Alternative Chart的前25名。这首歌还打破了Spotify病毒排行榜全球50强和加拿大病毒排行榜前5名。她的单曲“ Things”的官方音乐视频已于2016年2月5日在她的YouTube频道上发布。

2016年9月29日,Lindemann发行了单曲“ Pretty Girl”,这是她与300 Entertainment签约以来的第一首单曲。这首歌在Next Next Sound榜上排名第4,在Spotify Viral 50榜上排名第26。林德曼(Lindemann)写这首歌的目的是“向人们展示,女孩不仅拥有漂亮的外表,还有更多的东西。我们提供了太多的东西。人们应该超越实际的外表而更深入。音乐视频“ Pretty Girl”于2017年3月9日通过People进行了首播。“ Pretty Girl”是Lindemann在美国流行音乐排行榜上有史以来的第一首歌曲,最高达到50分。在英国单打中也达到了第8位。图表。 Lindemann于2017年10月13日发行的The Vamps单曲“ Personal”中亮相。Lindemann于2017年11月17日发行了单曲“ Obsessed”。2018年10月26日,她发行了单曲“ Human”。她于2018年11月16日发行了单曲“ Would I”。2019年3月,林德曼(Lindemann)是萨布丽娜·卡彭特(Sabrina Carpenter)在北美巡回演唱会上的配角。

Lindemann于2019年4月24日发行了单曲“ Friends Go”。歌曲随后由Travis Barker发行,并重新发行。到2020年,她发行了四张单曲; “刀在我的枕头下”,“煤气灯”,“剪刀手”和“贷款人”。所有这四首歌曲以及其他四首歌曲都将包含在Lindemann的首张EP《 Paranoia》的曲目列表中。 EP和Lindemann本人也获得了Alternative Press的称赞,后者承认她的“流行背景”,并赞赏Lindemann的“混合风格并尝试摇滚和金属声音”,并称赞她“保持emo的生命”。


2015年,视频在Tumblr上泄露,显示了藤星卡特·雷诺兹(Carter Reynolds)试图说服林德曼进行口交,尽管她一直在说“这让我很不舒服”。他19岁,她16岁。

2016年,林德曼(Lindemann)公开双性恋。截至2019年,林德曼已经与男孩乐队PrettyMuch的成员Brandon Arreaga约会。



Lindemann将Lana Del Rey,Banks和Spooky Black归因于她的主要影响力,称他们为“反流行歌手”……擅长做自己的事且不关心自己是主流的非主流艺术家。

Margaret Elizabeth “Maggie” Lindemann (born July 21, 1998) is an American singer-songwriter. She is best known for her 2016 breakout single “Pretty Girl”, which peaked at number 4 in Sweden, number 6 in Ireland, and number 8 the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Early life

Margaret Elizabeth Lindemann was born July 21, 1998 in Dallas, Texas, into a German-Scottish family. She began posting recordings of her singing on the social media app Keek, gaining a following both on the app and her other social media accounts. Her career in music began after her manager, Gerald Tennison, discovered a video of her singing on her Instagram page. She then relocated to Los Angeles to pursue music.


Lindemann’s debut single “Knocking On Your Heart” was released in September 2015. The song earned her a Top 20 spot on the iTunes Alternative Chart within 24 hours of its release. Her second single “Couple Of Kids” was released on October 30, 2015. On January 29, 2016, her third single “Things” was released, earning her another successful top 25 hit on the iTunes Alternative Chart within a day of its release. The song also broke the Top 50 on the Spotify Viral 50 worldwide chart and the top 5 of the Canada viral chart. The official music video of her single “Things” was released on her YouTube channel on February 5, 2016.

On September 29, 2016, Lindemann released the single “Pretty Girl”, her first single since signing to 300 Entertainment. The song peaked at #4 on the Next Big Sound chart, and at #26 on the Spotify Viral 50 chart. Lindemann wrote the song to “show people that there’s more to girls than just being pretty. We have so much to offer. People should get past the physical appearance to something deeper.” The music video for “Pretty Girl” premiered through People on March 9, 2017. “Pretty Girl” is Lindemann’s first song to ever chart on the US Pop Radio Charts as it peaked at 50. It also peaked at #8 on the UK Singles Chart. Lindemann featured in The Vamps’ single “Personal”, released October 13, 2017. Lindemann released the single “Obsessed” on November 17, 2017. On October 26, 2018, she released the single “Human”. She released the single “Would I” on November 16, 2018. In March 2019, Lindemann was the supporting act for Sabrina Carpenter on the North American leg of the Singular Tour.

Lindemann released the single “Friends Go” on April 24, 2019. The song was later rereleased, featuring Travis Barker. Through 2020, she released four singles; “Knife Under My Pillow”, “Gaslight!”, “Scissorhands” and “Loner”. All four of the songs, as well as four other songs, will be included on the tracklist for Lindemann’s debut EP, Paranoia. The EP and Lindemann herself received praise from Alternative Press, who acknowledged her “pop background” and appreciated Lindemann “blending genres and experimenting with rock and metal sounds”, and credited her with “keeping emo alive”.

Personal life

In 2015, a video leaked on Tumblr which showed Vine star Carter Reynolds attempting to convince Lindemann into oral sex, despite her continuously saying “this makes me so uncomfortable”. He was 19 years old and she was 16 years old.

In 2016, Lindemann publicly came out as bisexual. As of 2019, Lindemann has been dating Brandon Arreaga, a member of the boy band PrettyMuch.

In 2019, while performing in Malaysia, Lindemann was escorted off the stage and arrested for performing without a professional visit pass, as required by all foreigners performing work in the country. She was released on bail the next day, with the event organizers pleading guilty. She has described the incident as “five days of living hell”.


Lindemann credits Lana Del Rey, Banks, and Spooky Black as some of her main influences, calling them “the ‘anti pop stars’…off-kilter artists who do their individual thing and are unconcerned with being mainstream.”


2015 – Couple of Kids
2015 – Knocking on Your Heart
2016 – Pretty Girl (Cheat Codes X CADE Remix)
2016 – Pretty Girl (Gabry Ponte x LUM!X x Paul Gannon Rem
2016 – Pretty Girl (Taylor Wise Remix)
2016 – Pretty Girl (ye. Remix)
2016 – Pretty Girl
2016 – Things
2017 – Obsessed
2018 – Human
2018 – Would I
2019 – Friends Go (feat. Travis Barker)
2019 – Friends Go
2020 – GASLIGHT!
2020 – Knife Under My Pillow
2020 – Loner
2020 – Scissorhands




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