Rhye是加拿大歌手Mike Milosh的R&B音乐作品。它最初由他和丹麦乐器演奏家罗宾·汉尼拔组成。他们在网上发布了单曲“ Open”和“ The Fall”,但没有太多细节,这引起了人们对该乐队的猜测。他们的首张专辑Woman于2013年3月4日发行。2013年6月,该专辑入围了2013年Polaris音乐奖。据报道,2017年Robin Hannibal不再是Rhye的成员,该项目已发展成为由Milosh领导的音乐团体,并专注于相关的现场乐队。他们的第二张专辑Blood于2018年2月2日发行,主要由Milosh创作,制作和表演。



迈克尔·米洛什(Michael Milosh)出生于加拿大多伦多,是电子音乐家和歌手。他是一位训练有素的大提琴手。他移居德国柏林,以歌手和制作人的身份追求音乐。他使用Milosh这个专业名称与唱片公司Plug Research签约,并发行了两张专辑《You Make Me Feel(2004)和Meme(2006)》。他还为Ghostly International /威廉姆斯街专辑Ghostly Swim创作了曲目“ Then It Happened”,该专辑于2008年发行。

罗宾·汉尼拔(Robin Hannibal)(生于罗宾·布劳恩(Robin Braun))与可可·玛雅·哈斯特鲁普·卡尔肖伊(Coco Maja HastrupKarshøj)一起是丹麦二人组Quadron的成员。他们还与Plug Research标签签约,并于2009年7月发行了同名专辑。汉尼拔还是丹麦电子乐团Boom Clap Bachelors的一员,该乐队于2008年初发行了专辑Just Before Your Lips。他还与Nobody Beats the Beats,Clemens,Jokeren和LOC等其他艺术家合作,汉尼拔还发起了两个项目:Owusu&Hannibal和Parallel Dance Ensemble,并为Szjerdene的“ Lead the Way”和Leon Ware的“ Orchids for太阳”。 2011年,Quadron与美国DJ和唱片制作人Kaskade合作发行了专辑《 Fire&Ice》中的歌曲“ Waste Love”。



最终,汉尼拔搬到了洛杉矶,开始了自己的职业生涯。碰巧的是,米洛什还独立前往美国。基于他们先前在丹麦的合作,两人同意继续合作,组建了Rhye二人组,最初是基于互联网的谜团,在网上发布了几张单身人士,但没有提供任何背景信息或联系方式。他们在网上刊登的“ Open”和“ The Fall”这两个浪漫的灵魂人物,引起了人们的关注和关注。这些歌曲伴随着感性和高品质的拍摄视频。

音乐记者和评论家对此组织的身份引起了极大的兴趣和猜测。随后,人们还讨论了Milosh的高音和类似叹气的雌雄同体声乐。他的声音和乐队的乐器比喻成英裔尼日利亚歌手Sade和The xx。



2017年,Rhey与Bonobo合作进行了专辑“ Migration”中名为“ Break Apart”的单曲。

2017年6月,Rhey发行了单曲,歌曲为“ Please”和“ Summer Days”。


Rhye is an R&B musical project of Canadian singer Mike Milosh. It originally consisted of him and Danish instrumentalist Robin Hannibal. They released the singles “Open” and “The Fall” online without much detail, which led to speculation about the band. Their debut album, Woman, was released on March 4, 2013. In June 2013, the album was longlisted for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize. In 2017, it was reported that Robin Hannibal was no longer a member of Rhye and that the project had evolved into a music collective led by Milosh and focused around the associated live band. Their second album, Blood, was released on February 2, 2018, and was largely written, produced, and performed by Milosh.

In 2018, Rhye began an international tour to promote the album Blood.


Michael Milosh was born in Toronto, Canada, and is an electronic musician and vocalist. He is a classically trained cellist. He moved to Berlin, Germany to pursue music as a vocalist and a producer. Professionally using the name Milosh, he signed with the record label Plug Research and released two albums, You Make Me Feel (2004), and Meme (2006). He also contributed the track “Then It Happened” to the Ghostly International/Williams Street album Ghostly Swim, which was released in 2008.

Robin Hannibal (born Robin Braun) was a member of the Danish duo Quadron together with Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj. They were also signed to the Plug Research label and released a self-titled album in July 2009. Hannibal was also part of a Danish electronica collective called Boom Clap Bachelors, who in early 2008 released the album Just Before Your Lips. He has collaborated with other artists such as Nobody Beats the Beats, Clemens, Jokeren, and L.O.C.. Hannibal also launched two projects, Owusu & Hannibal and Parallel Dance Ensemble, and contributed to Szjerdene’s “Lead the Way” and to Leon Ware’s “Orchids for the Sun”. In 2011, Quadron collaborated with American DJ and record producer Kaskade on the song “Waste Love” off his album Fire & Ice.


In 2010, Hannibal was working on some Quadron material and got tipped off about Milosh’s work through their common record label. He contacted Milosh, who was at the time living in Berlin, and asked him to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark to meet him. The two musicians spent a week together in the studio recording three tracks for their first collaboration.

Eventually, Hannibal moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career there. As it happened, Milosh had also gone to the States independently. Based on their earlier cooperation in Denmark, the two agreed to continue working together, forming the duo Rhye, initially as an internet-based mystery, posting several singles online, but without providing any background information or contact details. Their online postings for “Open” and “The Fall”, both romantic soul-pop numbers, garnered attention and a following. The songs were accompanied by sensual and high-quality shot videos.

There was great interest as well as speculation amongst music journalists and reviewers about the group’s identity. Discussions also ensued about Milosh’s high and sigh-like contralto androgynous vocals. His voice and the band’s instrumentation are likened to those of British-Nigerian singer Sade and The xx.

In 2013, the band released its debut album, Woman.

During their 2014 tour, Rhye sold a poster printed for the Boston show containing cryptic text in Wingdings that read “Who is Rhye. Edward Bernays.”

In 2017, Rhye collaborated with Bonobo on a track called “Break Apart” from his album Migration.

In June 2017, Rhye released the split single featuring the songs “Please” and “Summer Days”.

In 2018, Rhye released their second album Blood, to largely positive critical feedback. The cover art for the album features Milosh’s naked girlfriend (a different woman from the one on the cover of Woman).

2012 – Woman
2018 – Blood
2018 – Blood Remixed
2019 – Spirit
2021 – Home




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