Emily Zeck《Blissful Ignorance》2020/FLAC/BD

歌手兼词曲作者艾米莉·泽克(Emily Zeck)最初在一个流行的Instagram帐户中找到了追随者,并以喜欢海滩的流行音乐而闻名,例如夏威夷四弦琴曲调《太平洋蓝》(Pacific Blue)(2015年)和注入雷鬼摇摆乐的“鳄梨吐司”(Avocado Toast)(2018年)。她还与EDM艺术家合作,为舞蹈作品带来了阳光和冲浪的氛围。

Zeck出生于佛罗里达州的维罗海滩(Vero Beach),从小就冲浪和播放音乐。她十几岁时参加了公开赛之夜,并在杰克逊维尔的北佛罗里达大学读书时就开始使用社交媒体帐户来推广自己的音乐。她于2015年底发行了第一张单曲《Pacific Blue》。该专辑于2016年出现在四首歌《Good Vibe Tribe EP》中,同年,她移居洛杉矶,寻求更多合作机会。

Zeck曾在巴黎DJ二重奏KLYMVX的歌曲“午夜之后”中亮相,该歌曲于2017年通过索尼发行。那一年,她还与EDM制作人/ DJ Gazzo合作创作了自己的歌曲“ Stardust(Forever Young)”,结合了悠闲的音乐。带有古怪的电子节拍的声音。单曲“ Avocado Toast”和“ Give It All”紧随其后的是独立唱片公司PRMD,于2018年发行。

A singer and songwriter who first found a following with a popular Instagram account, Emily Zeck is known for beach-friendly acoustic pop like the ukulele tune “Pacific Blue” (2015) and the reggae-infused “Avocado Toast” (2018). She has also collaborated with EDM artists, bringing a sun-and-surf vibe to dance productions.

A native of Vero Beach, Florida, Zeck grew up surfing and playing music. She took part in open-mike nights as a teen and was a student at the University of Northern Florida in Jacksonville when she first started using her social media accounts to promote her music. She released her first single, “Pacific Blue,” in late 2015. It appeared on the four-track Good Vibe Tribe EP in 2016, the same year she relocated to Los Angeles for more collaborative opportunities.

Zeck was featured on Parisian DJ duo KLYMVX’s song “After Midnight,” released via Sony in 2017. That year, she also worked with EDM producer/DJ Gazzo on her own song, “Stardust (Forever Young),” combining her laid-back acoustic sound with quirky electronic beats. The singles “Avocado Toast” and “Give It All” followed on independent label PRMD in 2018.

2020 – Blissful Ignorance




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