Kelsy Karter《Missing Person》2020/FLAC/BD

Kelsy Karter是音乐界的Rebel Doll。罗克诺尔遇见了童话。假小子遇到公主。来自澳大利亚的灵魂/摇滚乐/流行歌手在各地传播这种叛逆的爱。


高中毕业后,凯尔西(Kelsy)搬到了洛杉矶,并开始与不同的制作人合作,并在加州各地演出。她曾在“儿童选择奖”,“洛杉矶时装周”,“嘉年华”上演出,并与迪斯尼一起巡回演出,并曾为克里斯蒂娜·米利安,内约,凯莉·皮克勒,Big Time Rush,Drew Seeley,The Ready Set和David Guetta表演和跳舞。

2012年6月,Karter在她的第一张单曲《 The Revolution》中发布了她的官方音乐录影带,引起了经理Chris Contopulos的注意,后者迅速了解了Kelsy和她的能力。她于2012年末与Contopulos签约。


2014年4月,凯尔西(Kelsy)即将发行她的首张EP“亲吻男孩(Kiss The Boys)”,该专辑将与感染蘑菇合作。


Kelsy Karter is music’s Rebel Doll. Rocknroll meets fairytale. Tomboy meets princess. Soul/rocknroll/pop artist from Australia spreading that rebel love everywhere.

Kelsy started studying dance at age 3 as well as acting and singing. She began with ballet, tap and acrobatics, then later moving into jazz, hip-hop and contemporary. Growing up in a very musical family, Kelsy also excelled in musical instruments. She played piano, flute and drums.

Kelsy moved to Los Angeles upon finishing high school and began working with different producers and performing all over California. She has performed on the Kids Choice Awards, LA Fashion Week, Carnival, toured with Disney, and has acted and danced for Christina Milian, Neyo, Kellie Pickler, Big Time Rush, Drew Seeley, The Ready Set and David Guetta.

In June 2012, Karter released her Official Music Video to her first single “The Revolution”, which attracted the attention of Manager Chris Contopulos, who took quickly to Kelsy and her capabilities. She signed with Contopulos in late 2012.

In 2013 Kelsy collaborated with international DJ duo Infected Mushroom. One of their collaborations was released on IM’s EP in June. Recently after, Kelsy released her second music video and first official single “Ghost Town”.

In April 2014, Kelsy is set to release her debut EP “Kiss The Boys” which features another collaboration with Infected Mushroom.

Her musical inspirations are The Beatles, David Bowie, Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, Hanson, John Newman, Michael Jackson, Madonna.

2020 – Missing Person




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