VanJess是尼日利亚的R&B二人组,由伊凡娜(Ivana)和杰西卡·恩沃克(Jessica Nwokike)姐妹组成。两人开始了在YouTube上演唱翻唱歌曲的职业。在他们的录像之一(Drake的“头条新闻”的封面)取得了病毒式的成功之后,他们决定在音乐界从事严肃的职业。 2011年,二人组聘请了一位经理,并首次在录音室里录音。该组织于2018年11月12日宣布已与RCA合资公司Keep Keep签约。



他们支持各种原因,例如2012年的“胜于雄辩”运动和2013年的“ Lights Camera Cure”舞蹈表演。他们在VH1的“琳达·佩里项目”等节目中露面。两人在2015年的Escape发行之前再次发行了首张EP 00,在iTunes排行榜中排名前十,并在全球范围内流行。他们的首张专辑Silk Canvas是原创材料的专辑,于2018年发行。二人组从专辑中发行了五张单曲:“ Adore”,“ Touch the Floor”,“ Through Enough”,“ Addicted”,“ Easy”和“控制我”。专辑包括与Masego,GoldLink,Lil Simz,Leikeli47和Berhana的合作。


VanJess is a Nigerian R&B duo composed of sisters Ivana and Jessica Nwokike. The duo began their career on YouTube performing cover songs. After one of their videos, a cover of Drake’s “Headlines”, had viral success, they decided to pursue a serious career in music. In 2011 the duo hired a manager and recorded in a studio for the first time. On 12 November 2018, the group announced that they had signed to the RCA joint venture label Keep Cool.


The sisters are first generation Nigerian immigrants of Igbo origin, although they were both born in the United States. According to Jessica, they spent ‘about eight or nine years’ of their childhood in Nigeria, before moving to La Palma, California with their mother, when they were 10 and 8 years old, respectively. They later moved to Cerritos. They attended a performing arts elementary school. In middle school and high school they performed as a duo in talent shows.

They have supported causes like the “Louder than Words” campaign in 2012 and performed at 2013’s “Lights Camera Cure” dance-a-thon. They have made appearances on shows like VH1’s “The Linda Perry Project”. The duo re-released their debut EP 00 till Escape in 2015 which charted in the iTunes top ten and trended worldwide. Their debut album Silk Canvas, an album of original material, was released in 2018. The duo released five singles from the album: “Adore”, “Touch the Floor”, “Through Enough”, “Addicted”, “Easy”, and “Control Me”. The album includes collaborations with Masego, GoldLink, Lil Simz, Leikeli47, and Berhana.

The duo have listed Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Xscape, TLC, and SWV as their biggest musical influences.

2018 – Silk Canvas
2021 – Homegrown




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