布鲁斯摇滚:Ana Popović《8CD》2001-2018/FLAC+CUE/BD

如果您不是布鲁斯纯粹主义者,您会喜欢南斯拉夫布鲁斯摇滚吉他手,歌手和词曲作者安娜·波波维奇(Ana Popovic)的火热,热情的演奏和演唱。多亏了她的父亲,贝尔格莱德养育的波波维奇(Bopovic)在波波维奇(Bopovic)家中进行了广泛的唱片收集和演唱会,因此早年就被引入了布鲁斯音乐。 Popovic出生于1976年5月13日,十几岁的时候就开始弹吉他,并于1995年成立了她的第一支乐队Hush。一年之内,随着东欧共产主义的崩溃,她在希腊和匈牙利参加了布鲁斯音乐节,作为美国蓝调音乐大师(包括少年威尔斯)的开幕式。

Popovic于1999年与Hush录制了她的首张专辑,当时她还移居荷兰,在音乐学院学习爵士吉他以及世界和流行音乐。她有机会在德国的一家俱乐部见到布鲁斯吉他手Bernard Allison。他让她登上舞台,并在演出结束时挤下了果酱。艾莉森(Allison)邀请波波维奇(Popovic)参加巡回演出时,她不得不回到荷兰的爵士学院(Jazz Academy)。 Allison向Hush索要Popovic的唱片的副本,然后将其发送给德国Ruf Records的高管,他们对Popovic强大的吉他演奏和演唱印象深刻。鲁夫(Ruf)与她联系,成为吉米·亨德里克斯(Jimi Hendrix)致敬作品的一部分,然后与她签了自己的唱片合约。

此后几个月,她正前往孟菲斯录制《嘘!》这张专辑受到了布鲁斯电台程序员和美国,欧洲和加拿大布鲁斯音乐节巡回演出的非布鲁斯纯粹主义者的好评。在2001年的春天,她与鲍勃·迪伦(Bob Dylan),黑鸦和艾克·特纳(Ike Turner)一起在五月的孟菲斯音乐节上演出。离开南斯拉夫的五年之内,现年20岁的波波维奇有机会在欧洲许多主要的蓝调音乐节上演出,包括Peer,Bishopstock和Notodden。一路上,她与Allison,Michael Hill和Kenny Neal等人坐在一起。

Popovic在2000年发行的新泽西州Ruf Records America唱片公司Hush!上发行了两张专辑,在2003年发行的Comfort to the Soul中发行了两张专辑。与其他布鲁斯摇滚乐手(包括Stevie Ray Vaughan,桑塔纳和Jonny Lang)合作的Jim Gaines和David Z.在录制和混音两张专辑中均扮演着角色。 Popovic的五张波光粼粼的原创作品在《灵魂的安慰》上大放异彩,包括她对爵士贝斯手Jaco Pastorius悲剧性生活的致敬,她的灵感来自于她读过的书,以及专辑的开场曲目“ Do n’t Bear Down on Me(I(我是来抢秀的。”她还提供了霍林·沃尔夫(Howlin’Wolf)的《坐在世界之巅》和斯蒂尔·丹(Steely Dan)的《夜之夜》的启发性,创造性的封面。

Popovic参加了Hill于2003年发行的两碟《电子总动员世界》现场专辑。 2003年,波波维奇获得了提名。 Handy Blues年度最佳新人奖,也是首位在Handy Awards上演出的欧洲艺术家。两年后,波波维奇(Bopovic)发行了她的第一张现场专辑《安娜!住在阿姆斯特丹》。

by Richard Skelly

If you’re not a blues purist, you’ll love the fiery, passionate playing and singing of Yugoslavian blues-rock guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Ana Popovic. Thanks to her father, the Belgrade-raised Popovic was introduced to the blues at an early age, through his wide-ranging record collection and jam sessions hosted at the Popovic home. Born on May 13, 1976, Popovic took up guitar when she was a teenager and formed her first band, Hush, in 1995. Within a year, with the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe, she was playing blues festivals in Greece and Hungary and working as an opening act for American blues masters, including Junior Wells.

Popovic recorded her debut album with Hush in 1999, when she also moved to the Netherlands to study jazz guitar and world and pop music at the Conservatory of Music. She had the chance to see blues guitarist Bernard Allison at a club in Germany. He asked her to come on-stage and jam at the end of the show. While Allison invited Popovic to join him on a tour, she had to get back to the Jazz Academy in Holland. Allison asked for a copy of Popovic’s record with Hush, and he sent it on to executives at Ruf Records in Germany, who were impressed with Popovic’s powerful guitar playing and singing. Ruf contacted her to be part of their Jimi Hendrix tribute compilation, and then signed her to a recording deal of her own.

Several months after this, she was on her way to Memphis to record Hush! The album was well received by blues radio programmers and the non-blues purist segments of the American, European, and Canadian blues festival circuits. In the spring of 2001, she performed at the Memphis in May Festival alongside Bob Dylan, the Black Crowes, and Ike Turner. Within five years of leaving Yugoslavia, Popovic, now in her late twenties, had the chance to perform at many of the major European blues festivals, including Peer, Bishopstock, and Notodden. Along the way she’s sat in with the likes of Allison, Michael Hill, and Kenny Neal.

Popovic has two albums out on the New Jersey-based Ruf Records America label, Hush!, released in 2000, and Comfort to the Soul, her 2003 release. Jim Gaines and David Z., who have worked with other blues-rockers, including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Santana, and Jonny Lang, had roles in recording and mixing both albums. Five of Popovic’s sparkling originals shine on Comfort to the Soul, including her homage to the tragic life of jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius, inspired by a book she read, as well as the album’s opening track, “Don’t Bear Down on Me (I’m Here to Steal the Show).” She also provides inspired, inventive covers of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Sitting on Top of the World” and Steely Dan’s “Night by Night.”

Popovic guests on Hill’s 2003 two-disc Electric Storyland live album. In 2003, Popovic was nominated for a W.C. Handy Blues Award for Best New Artist of the Year and was the first European artist to perform at the Handy Awards. Two years later, Popovic released her first live effort, Ana! Live in Amsterdam.

2001 – Hush!
2003 – Comfort To The Soul
2007 – Still Making History
2009 – Blind For Love
2011 – Unconditional
2013 – Can You Stand The Heat
2016 – Trilogy
2018 – Like It on Top



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